Working in partnership with our local community.

We Make a Difference

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the bridge between companies and the community. In 2016, iPlace established a team called WeMakeaDifference to run its CSR program. The team is comprised of employees across the company that are passionate about helping the less privileged and readily volunteer their time.  


The WeMakeaDifference team plans monthly activities based on three pillars: Humanity, Animal Welfare, and the Environment. Two visits are planned each quarter to NGOs supporting the three pillars. The team conducts fundraisers to cover the costs of the visits and to purchase critical supplies. In addition, iPlace employees donate goods, and iPlace contributes a portion of the fees received for each placement made by its sourcers and recruiters.  


Feelings of compassion and a sense of civic pride awaken when we give to those less fortunate than ourselves.  


Kindness and justice to animals is a human virtue. They deserve compassion because they are helpless and cannot plead their cause.  


Our environment is the shared home for humans, plants, and animals. Keeping the environment clean is our responsibility. An unclean environment leads to an uncaring society, the arrival of diseases, and other hazards.  

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