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We think of our Global Recruiting Center as a massively scalable, highly specialized recruiting factory.  We run our recruiting factory using LaunchPad, a company-wide operating system through which every sourcer and recruiter is “gamified.” LaunchPad incentivizes our employees to follow the right strategies to optimize performance for each client. Using data analytics and performance management, the sourcers and recruiters find the best candidates for the job orders that businesses needs to thrive.

  • Partnership

    Client and iPlace agree to a working relationship that best meets client's needs.

  • Markets

    Client is assigned to geographic cluster for North America, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

  • Job Orders

    iPlace receives job orders from client.

  • Specialization

    Job orders are assigned to cluster specializing in verticals and industries.

  • Sourcing

    Assigned team identifies the best fit active and passive candidate profiles.

  • Recruiting

    Assigned team qualifies and negotiates compensation for shortlisted candidates.

  • Submittals

    Qualified candidates are submitted to client's hiring manager.



iPlace is managed using an innovative company operating system called LaunchPad, which was created by our team in India, and it drives our growth. The underpinning of LaunchPad is gamification. LaunchPad is the platform through which our sourcers and recruiters are assigned work strategies, obtain pay increases and promotions, receive training and professional development, and even improve their health and wellness. As a result, iPlace sourcers and recruiters are more engaged, feel more in control, achieve higher levels of performance, are happier, and stay with the company longer. Because of LaunchPad, iPlace has been able to eliminate performance reviews.

Data Analytics

iPlace applies data analytics to customize sourcing and recruiting strategies. Using data for decision making has been especially successful for optimizing the performance of high-volume VMS/MSP accounts. In addition to analyzing operational data (submittals, sendouts, interviews, offers, and placements) to improve recruiter performance, we track interviews and placements broken out by MSP programs and individual program managers. iPlace’s scale enables us to identify trends so we can advise our clients on what programs and program managers should be targeted and avoided.

Performance Management

iPlace’s data analytics team collects performance data every day and tracks ratios (number of submittals per day, interviews per submittal, offers per interview, and placements per offer) for every account each week. We set target ratios for each account every quarter. If we are not hitting our target ratios, we have a documented process for taking corrective actions.

Candidate Sourcing Tools

iPlace’s sourcers and recruiters identify candidates and find contact information from a wide variety of sources – not just job boards and LinkedIn.

  • Paid Job Boards and Candidates Sourcing Tools
  • Search Engines
  • Social Networking Tools 
  • Social Media Aggregators
  • Free Job Boards
  • Industry-specific Resources
  • Contact Finders

We also find candidates using advanced passive sourcing techniques such as x-raying, flipping, and Google Custom Search Engines; websites for professional and local organization’s discussion groups; newsletters and blogs; conference attendee lists; university alumni sites; our client’s ATS (if made available to us); and iPlace’s proprietary resume database with over 1,100,000 candidates.

iPlace Academy

All new hires enter iPlace through iPlace Academy, the best sourcer and recruiter training in India. It is a one-month rigorous training program that is very hands-on. Trainees learn skills in the classroom and then immediately practice them on the work floor.


Since iPlace is a global company, trainees learn about the local geography, culture, communication style, work visas, and the best recruiting practices for the region where they will be assigned. Trainees who do not perform at a high-level in the classroom and on assessments do not graduate. Those who graduate have expert sourcing and recruiting skills and exhibit the behaviors needed to be successful.


iPlace has conducted over 250 iPlace Academy classes, so we have a smooth-running training program.

iPlace can rapidly roll out and scale sourcing and recruiting teams in response to the hiring needs of staffing firms and corporations. 

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